Face every unexpected event with the SkyMes "Factory Navigator"

In the starting phase of a new MES software implementation, it is essential to choose the technological-production platform best suited to the needs of your factory. In particular, it is important to select MES software that handles large amounts of data efficiently and reduces the risk of errors and production interruptions.

The SkyMes "Factory Navigator" represents the tool that allows you to manage unexpected events by automatically recalculating the optimal production plan of your factory in just a few seconds, reducing downtime to minimum and saving on production costs.

The biggest difficulty to overcome is not the implementation of the project, but the initial choice of the product-technology platform to be used. It is important to choose a reliable MES software that handles large amounts of data efficiently, reduces the risk of errors and interruptions, and ensures the security of data and sensitive business information.  

Choosing the right MES solution is crucial and should be done by avoiding affordable but not specially designed options, such as ERP solutions with data collection functions, solutions made by machine manufacturers, or SCADA software. MES solutions developed for a specific industry should also be avoided.  

SkyMes is a modern, functionally complete MES solution that offers numerous advantages for the success of your project.

With SkyMes, you will be able to independently configure a computer system, offering more control and flexibility in customizing the user interface and software functionality. In this way, you can improve user experience, increase efficiency and simplify use.  

SkyMes allows you to create and manage a MES project by yourself, offering a huge economic advantage and total control over production.

In addition, standard procedures can be customized to fit a company's specific needs, without the need to write code or hire programmers. The platform is completely codeless and independently configurable, which means you can adapt quickly to changing market needs without having to invest in expensive software upgrades or replacements.

The first MES that can be 100% autonomously managed by yourself!

No technical knowledge is required for its implementation and customization as the software is completely codeless. In addition, it is one of the few solutions on the market that is offered in both SaaS / PaaS (Software as a Service / Platform as a Service) mode.

SkyMes also offers real-time dashboards and a training platform - SkyMes Academy - to create value for your business. In summary, choosing SkyMes as your MES solution means having a modern, functionally complete, easily adaptable technology platform that improves your company's operational efficiency and flexibility, all at an affordable price.

Improve your production system with SkyMes, request your free trial.


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