SkyMes offers an integrated maintenance management in your factory, which allows for predicting and scheduling each predictive maintenance intervention in a timely manner, ensuring a high level of reliability for your machines.

Why SkyMes CMMS

  • Efficient Planning and Scheduling
    SkyMes enables effective planning and scheduling of maintenance, ensuring that equipment receives the necessary maintenance at the right time. This helps to prevent sudden failures and optimize machine downtime.
  • Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
    Thanks to the analysis of collected data, with SkyMes it is possible to predict failures before they occur and intervene preventively. This reduces the costs of emergency maintenance and increases the lifespan of equipment.
  • Reduction of Downtime
    By minimizing unexpected failures through regular and preventive maintenance, downtime is significantly reduced, increasing productivity.
  • Cost Savings
    SkyMes helps reduce costs due to emergency repairs, machine breakdowns, and unplanned shutdowns, optimizing the use of resources and spare parts.
  • Documentation and Traceability
    SkyMes maintains a detailed record of all maintenance activities, providing complete traceability and facilitating audits and compliance with regulations.
  • Improvement of Safety
    Regular and well-organized maintenance by SkyMes reduces the risk of accidents and dangerous failures, improving safety in the workplace.
  • Analysis and Optimization
    Analyses on the data collected, provided by SkyMes, are very useful to identify trends, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, allowing for continuous optimization of maintenance strategies.
  • Resource Management
    SkyMes allows for efficient monitoring and management of resources such as personnel, spare parts, and equipment, optimizing the planning and use of these resources.


The maintenance module of SkyMes is essential for a modern factory because it improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, increases safety, and supports proactive management of equipment, maintenance personnel, and production infrastructure.

Improve your production system with SkyMes, request your free trial.


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