Production management in SkyMes is the starting point for the realization of a project.
In this part of SkyMes, the structure of the company and the products manufactured are defined and managed. The company's structure primarily includes the records of resources such as Plants, Departments, Work Centers, Machines, Employees, Equipment, and so on, while the products that the company produces are described through production cycles and the bills of materials or semi-finished products necessary for production. Unlike the ERP system, where the item records are mainly for administrative purposes, in MES the item records must fully describe especially how this is produced.

The main features of SkyMes MOM

  • Management of Basic Records
    SkyMes provides a computer structure to describe and manage in detail the resources of the company and how these are used for the manufacturing of products. This section of the product constitutes the most important part and also the strength of SkyMes. Thanks to the power of these structures, SkyMes can easily and quickly manage the manufacturing of any product in companies of any size.
  • Computerization of Factory Workstations
    The computerization of factory workstations is a fundamental aspect in the modernization of industries, especially in the era of Industry 4.0 and 5.0. This process involves the integration of advanced digital technologies into production operations as well as adapting workstations to reduce visual fatigue and allow workers to easily interact with machines and control processes. SkyMes provides information and assistance to production workers at their workstations to increase efficiency and safety.
  • Collection of Production Data
    The collection of production data is a crucial aspect in the modern management of production processes. SkyMes, through its factory workstations, allows easy detection of direct and indirect labor time, work interruption and/or machine downtime with the related causes, machine setup time, produced parts, waste, consumed material, and so forth.
  • Monitoring of Production
    SkyMes allows for effective monitoring, through numerous dashboards and factory displays, of the status of processing, machines, and operators, both at the production office level and directly on the machine through data collection stations. SkyMes allows managing, in real time, any production alert or alarm, drawing the attention of the operators when and where needed.
  • Finalization and Analysis of Production Data
    SkyMes provides numerous and detailed analyses and production reports after the completion of production processes. These functions of SkyMes enable companies to compare actual performance with planned performance and to identify areas for improvement. In particular, various types of OEE are calculated for machines, labor, operations, both at the level of a single resource and for aggregations of the same in order to quickly identify areas of inefficiency where corrective actions can be implemented to improve processes.
  • Interfacing with Machines
    Through direct connection to machines, SkyMes allows more accurate control and better data collection from production processes, providing monitoring and control of machines, equipment, and operations more directly and in real time, while reducing human errors. Thanks to the direct connection to machines provided by SkyMes, it is possible to identify problems and faults early, facilitating predictive maintenance. In summary, the interfacing with machines offered by SkyMes is fundamental to fully exploit the potential of automation and technological innovation in production processes. With the right implementation, SkyMes can quickly lead to a significant increase in efficiency, product quality, and operational flexibility.
  • Interface with the ERP System
    SkyMes offers numerous technological functions to easily interface and exchange data with any ERP


In conclusion, SkyMes's functions for managing and controlling production are essential for companies looking to optimize their production processes. Offering a wide range of crucial functionalities in addition to the ability to integrate with any company ERP, SkyMes is not just a tool for the daily control of production, but also a strategic asset for the management of the entire factory. Ultimately, adopting SkyMes for production management and control is a fundamental step towards achieving sustainable operational excellence and competitiveness in the modern market.

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