SkyMes is equipped with a powerful APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) system that is fully integrated and constantly updated with data from operators and machines. With SkyMes, it's possible to have complete control of the factory, from customer orders to shipping orders.

SkyMes APS allows you to navigate through the entire production path using a digital dashboard. This enables rapid intervention in the face of unforeseen events and provides full control of activities in real time.

The scheduling plan is immediately updated based on various events, such as the availability of raw materials, tasks completed early or late, machine downtimes, and many others. This is why we call SkyMes APS the Factory Navigator.

The main features of SkyMes APS

  • Complete Visibility on Planning
    SkyMes offers a comprehensive view of the entire production flow, from the insertion of sales orders to the shipment of the finished product, generating the required material lists and optimized work sequences.
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
    SkyMes calculates the amount of materials needed for production (production requirements) by generating a list of missing materials to be supplied and their respective delivery dates to avoid delays.
  • Optimized Resource Scheduling
    SkyMes optimizes the use of resources (machinery, labor) considering the actual capacity of the production facilities, based on their specific usage schedule, allowing the creation of realistic production programs and improving the punctuality of deliveries.
  • Creation of Feasible Production Plans
    SkyMes takes into account any factory constraints such as equipment, human resources, space, energy, etc., to create optimized and feasible production plans.
  • Interaction and Collaboration
    SkyMes, with its interactive GANTT and features for visualization, highlighting, analysis, "Lot Split," and "Drag & Drop," facilitates user interaction to allow adjustment of the proposed production plan and improve collaboration among different teams.
  • Simulation of Different Scenarios (What-If Analysis)
    SkyMes allows for the simulation of different operational scenarios to evaluate differences and repercussions on possible scheduling choices.
  • Interactive Automatic Rescheduling
    SkyMes, unique in its kind, thanks to perfect integration with factory events and real-time production progress, instantly recalculates the production plan in the event of unforeseen circumstances and/or delays/advances. The rescheduling process particularly considers key factors such as ongoing activities, blocked activities, material delivery dates, order priorities, availability of secondary resources, etc.
  • Capable To Promise
    The CTP (Capable-to-Promise) function of SkyMes allows for accurate, reliable, and real-time responses to customer inquiries regarding product availability and delivery dates. Based on current production capacity and requests, SkyMes calculates whether the factory can meet the demand within the required time frames. The system immediately provides a delivery date that the company can realistically meet.
  • Advanced Analysis and Reporting
    SkyMes provides detailed analyses and reporting capabilities to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement. Using SkyMes's customizable dashboards and intuitive visualization tools, you can easily view the main performance indicators of scheduling and production.


In summary, the planning and scheduling system of Skymes represents a comprehensive and advanced solution for production management, capable of dynamically adapting to the needs and challenges of the modern production context.







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