SkyMes enables direct and bidirectional connection with machines, using sensors and IoT devices, to collect real-time data on the performance of machines and plants. This allows for constant monitoring of the production process, identifying any issues and intervening promptly to resolve them.

SkyMes's ability to easily connect with any type of machine or production line, from the oldest to the most modern equipped with standard computer interfaces, makes it a valuable tool for integration in the production environment. This versatility brings several advantages for the company that chooses SkyMes as a tool for factory management.


  • Total Integration
    The ability to interface with a wide range of machinery, regardless of age or by technology, it means that SkyMes can unify a company's entire fleet of machines under a single monitoring and control system.
  • Optimal Use of Existing Resources
    Even the smallest machines old ones can be integrated into the system, allowing companies to make the most of existing investments without the need for of expensive upgrades or replacements.
  • Easy Updates and Innovations
    For larger machines modern systems, integration with SkyMes allows you to fully exploit their capabilities advanced technologies, facilitating the adoption of innovations and continuous improvements.
  • Standardization of Processes
    With all machines connected to a single system, SkyMes facilitates the standardization of production processes, improving efficiency and reducing variability.
  • Consistent and Reliable Data Collection
    The ability Collecting data from a wide range of machinery allows for more detailed analysis. accurate and complete, improving data-based decision making.
  • Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
    By connecting machines of various ages and technologies, SkyMes can help predict and prevent failures, optimizing maintenance and reducing downtime.
  • Flexibility and Scalability
    The ability to integrate with different types of machinery makes SkyMes a flexible and scalable solution, suitable for different sizes and types of production plants.
  • Quality Improvement of the Product
    The integration of all the machines in a single control system allows maintaining high quality standards throughout the entire production cycle.


These protocols facilitate communication between different types of machines and control systems, making it possible to integrate a wide range of production equipment into a single MES system such as SkyMes. Using these standards helps ensure that your MES system can collect data and control machines effectively, regardless of manufacturer or age. of equipment. The ability of SkyMes in connecting with a wide variety of of machinery through numerous protocols, make it a fundamental tool for the integration, optimization and innovation in production processes, supporting companies in the efficient management and continuous evolution of their production environment .

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