The process control of SkyMes allows monitoring of production and ensures that the process parameters, set on the machines, stay within control limits. This helps to avoid dangerous process deviations or even out-of-control situations during processing, enhancing the quality of the products and the performance of the production system.

Process control is one of the most important functions of SkyMes, essential for the success and efficiency of modern 5.0 factories.

Why it's important

  • Optimization of Production
    In SkyMes, process control allows for the optimization of every phase of production, ensuring that operations are carried out in the most efficient way possible. Through continuous monitoring and on-time adjustment of process parameters, SkyMes maximizes productivity while minimizing waste.
  • Product Quality
    Process control is of fundamental importance to ensure that products are manufactured in accordance with predefined quality standards. By constantly monitoring and adjusting processes, SkyMes helps maintain uniformity and quality of products at every stage of the production cycle.
  • Reduction of Waste
    Through constant process control, SkyMes prevents production issues, eliminating waste of time, material, energy, and equipment.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Process control provides detailed data on production processes, which are analyzed by SkyMes to identify areas for improvement in the design and realization of products.
  • Compliance with Regulations
    Through process control, SkyMes ensures that production complies with industry regulations and safety standards, reducing the risk of penalties or product recalls.
  • Cost Savings
    By reducing waste, optimizing resource use, and improving product quality, SkyMes's process control allows for significant cost savings.
  • Data Integration and Automation
    Process control in SkyMes can integrate with other business systems (such as ERP or CRM) for a more automated and data-driven management of the entire production process.


The process control in SkyMes is vital because it enables companies to efficiently and effectively manage their production operations, improving product quality, reducing costs, and increasing the resilience, sustainability, and competitiveness of the company.

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